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The Center for Black Family Wellness focuses on developing programs and services responsive to health disparities within the Black community (i.e. HIV/AIDS, Obesity, Alcohol Awareness, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Teenage Pregnancy, etc.). Wellness is a term CEO Evans adopted to expand the approach to addressing health disparities to be inclusive of ten essential parts of the human being experience: intellectual, physical, mental, spiritual, sexual, educational, emotional, political, financial and social. The primary focus is to develop programs separately and collectively that approach building and improving the Black Family infrastructure, not from an American "family" model, but African centered model that includes neighbors, community organizations and members, faith based institutions, etc.

Programs and Initiatives:

The organization has a number of programs and initiatives that focus on inclusivity when it comes to Black communities. Below is a list of community mobilization initiatives that focus on a specific health disparity with national presence and coordination.

  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • National Black Alcohol Awareness Week
  • National Black Diabetes Awareness Week
  • National Black Healthy Heart Week
  • A Black Man Can

Should you have an idea or program suggestion that would assist in improving the quality of life for Black communities, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the best way forward and develop a timeline that will move this from concept to reality.

CBFW Advisory Board Information:

The Center for Black Family Wellness shall have an advisory board of no more than 15 - 20 individuals from communities within the United States experiencing disproportionate representation in the top ten health disparities as identified by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, with one HBC board member serving as the chairperson.

This advisory board shall provide guidance and feedback regarding wellness programs and initiatives developed by the organization. This body shall adhere to the by-laws, policies and procedures of Healthy Black Communities, Inc. Should you be interested in serving on this Center's Advisory Board, please email your resume to and someone will contact you to discuss your interests.

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