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The Center for Black Same Gender Loving Development focuses on developing programs and services responsive to mobilizing and improving the quality of life for Black same gender loving people and Transgender Individuals. SGL is a cultural term that affirms the same sex attraction between men and women, created in the early to mid 90's. We believe that every Black Life matters, no matter their sexual orientation or gender. The primary focus is to work within the Black SGL community, giving infrastructure and capacity building assistance to individuals, organizations and businesses that focus on providing a product or service that enhances the SGL Black experience, up to and including our tax exempt status for grant/proposal submission.

Programs and Initiatives:

Black Pride USA is an initiative of Healthy Black Communities, Inc. to mobilize Black SGL men and women to develop a "Black SGL 2050 Community Development & Improvement Plan" that will sustain the quality of life as well as experiences of Black SGL men, women, and Transgender Individuals. The focus is to also mobilize resources from individuals, government, foundations and corporations to realize the strategies outlined within the plan. This project will also develop a 50 year vision plan for the Black SGL community.

CBSGLD Advisory Board Information:

The Center for Black SGL Development shall have an advisory board of no more than 15 - 20 individuals from communities within the United States, made up of same gender loving men, women and Transgender Individuals involved and/or knowledgeable about Black SGL issues in their community or region, with one HBC board member serving as the chairperson.

This advisory board shall provide guidance and feedback regarding Black SGL programs and initiatives developed by the organization. This body shall adhere to the by-laws, policies and procedures of Healthy Black Communities, Inc. Should you be interested in serving on this Center's Advisory Board, please email your resume to and someone will contact you to discuss your interests.

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