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The Center for International Excellence focuses on partnering with organizations around the world to share and exchange ideas on programs, services, and initiatives adopted or proven to improve the quality of life within developing countries or marginalized communities. International Excellence is HBC's approach at making sure that international non governmental organizations are mentored and supported in developing their infrastructure in a way that is responsive to the needs of their targeted communities. We utilize the Pablo Friere community development model believing that the solutions to the problems within any community is in that same community and outsiders should only facilitate dialogue and conversation, not dictate direction.

Programs and Initiatives:

Ghana HIV/AIDS Awareness Project is an initiative in Ghana, West Africa intended to mobilize Ghanaians to be enlightened with basic and advanced information about HIV/AIDS (i.e. transmission modes, infection rates, etc.) in their region; empowered to act with the information they receive to become involved with local city, town or village efforts; and act responsibly with what they have learned and educate others about HIV/AIDS in Ghana. This initiative was founded by three organizations: Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana; Young Ghana Youth Organization; and Healthy Black Communities. currently, there are two additional organizations working with HBC on this project: Development Solutions, Inc. and Charity Youth Organization, Inc.

CIE Advisory Board Information:

The Center for International Excellence shall have an advisory board of no more than 15 - 20 individuals from the international community (one from each West African country), with one HBC board member serving as the chairperson. This advisory board shall provide guidance and feedback regarding international programs and initiatives developed by the organization. This body shall adhere to the by-laws, policies and procedures of Healthy Black Communities, Inc.

Should you be interested in serving on this Center's Advisory Board, please email your resume to and someone will contact you to discuss your interests.

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