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The Center for Organization & Technology Development focuses on developing organizational and technological infrastructures that will assist in building programmatic and structural capacities to operate programs and services responsive to the needs of communities. The landscape of nonprofit organizations is constantly changing, with new laws and advancements in knowledge and information. HBC's COTD will identify resources to assist small to medium sized faith based and community based organizations with their growth and development.

In addition, the role of technology permeates the lives of individuals as well as organizations, we feel it is our responsibility to provide programs and services that assist in bridging the digital divide already in existence within Black communities, domestically and internationally. With this in mind, some of our assistance could be provided through one of the social medium platforms available (i.e. ooVoo, Skype, etc.).

Programs and Initiatives:

Programs for this initiative are in development, please visit our website regularly for information and updates. We are focusing on mobilizing resources from individuals, government, foundations and corporations to develop a comprehensive approach to this Center's mission.

COTD Advisory Board Information:

The Center for Organization & Technology Development shall have an advisory board of no more than 15 - 20 individuals from Black communities, made up of men and women involved and/or knowledgeable about the need of organization and technology within faith and community based organizations, with one HBC board member serving as the chairperson.

This advisory board shall provide guidance and feedback regarding Organization & Technology programs and initiatives developed by the organization. This body shall adhere to the by-laws, policies and procedures of Healthy Black Communities, Inc. Should you be interested in serving on this Center's Advisory Board, please email your resume to and someone will contact you to discuss your interests.

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