Frequently Asked Questions


In an effort to provide answers to questions we receive regularly, we have created this sub page to answer them.

  1. Is HBC an AIDS Service Organization? No. Healthy Black Communities is a community based organization that provides HIV/AIDS focused programming (i.e. Black AIDS Day, etc.). We are not HIV/AIDS only focused, however we do a great deal of work within the HIV/AIDS community.

  2. Is HBC a GLBT organization? No. Healthy Black Communities believes in the value of all members of our Beloved Community and has a Center that specifically works within the Black same gender loving and Transgender Individual community to build value and worth as well as bridge the divide between the Black homosexual and heterosexual community.

  3. Are you registered in Ghana with the Office of Registrars? Yes. Healthy Black Communities is registered with the Ghana's Office of Registrars and completed the paperwork in 2005 making it a legal entity to operate programs and services within the country.

  4. How can schools get involved? One of the best ways for schools to get involved is to note the various events and activities happening throughout the year and engage conversations with youth and young adults around the health issues. Also, we welcome schools, colleges, and universities to host fund raisers and donate the proceeds to one of our Centers or a specific initiative we have going on at that time.

  5. Is the CEO available to speak at conferences or to community groups? Yes. It is important to get the request in as early as possible to ensure his availability and to ensure he has a clear understanding of the subject/topic to be addressed. Please email us at with information about the event/activity, if travel is involved and any honorarium that may be provided.

  6. What is HBC's mission and vision? Healthy Black Communities' mission is to protect and promote healthy Black communities, both domestically and internationally - through program, organization and community development. The organization's vision is to have programs and services in place that assist Black communities to be free of disease and illness.
  7. Is HBC a trustworthy organization? Yes. One of the things we take complete responsibility for is our stewardship of resources and donations received by individuals, companies, community groups, etc. We believe in transparency and welcome any requests for information on how our resources were or are being spent.

  8. How can I learn more about your CEO or Board of Directors? We welcome any requests for bios of our CEO or Board Members as well as any other additional information you may need. Please email us at letting us know who you need more information for and the context the information will be used in order that we may respond with everything you may need.

  9. Are donations/contributions to HBC tax deductible? Gifts to Healthy Black Communities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, qualify as charitable contributions and are tax-deductible. Whether or not a particular gift to HBC is fully tax-deductible may depend on your own financial situation. We suggest you contact a tax advisor if you have any questions.

  10. How can I help raise money for HBC in the United States? There are a number of ways you can raise money for HBC, namely making an online donation or putting a link to our "Donate" page within an email, blog, Facebook, Tweet, etc. You can also host a fund raiser in your community, work place, etc. to collect donations/contributions and contact us to coordinate picking up what you have raised.

Should you have a specific question that is not answered herein, please email us and we will respond accordingly.